What Is Buddy Ball?

Monroe Township Buddy Ball

Mission Statement
Buddy Ball’s Mission is to provide our special needs athletes with a program that enables them to participate as fully as possible in baseball. By matching our players with a “buddy” we also provide the kind of community support and friendship that players would normally find in organized sports. 
Our players are exposed to the rules of the game and learn qualities such as teamwork and good sportsmanship.
The program enables our players to be part of an organized sport, furthers their physical fitness goals and helps them develop social skills.
Advancing the personal development of any child through team participation and kinship is an important step along the road to success and happiness.
We are committed to providing the very best educational, social, and sports experience possible for our athletes and their families. Because we want the entire family to be involved and benefit from their child’s involvement in our program, a Parent Hospitality Area with refreshments is provided at each game, allowing parents to watch their child learn and grow while also providing an opportunity to relax and meet other parents.