2022 Practice Scheduling

We will be using the same rules and protocol for practices as we have in the past (DO NOT ABUSE PRIVILEGES).  Questions or problems with the scheduler should be referred to:
     Travel Teams = Frank Juliano (fjuliano734@gmail.com)
     Rec Teams = Wayne Zsamba (wzsamba@gmail.com) or Derek Scheurman (ridgeback212@gmail.com)



  1. Practices must be booked through the online scheduler (see link to the right), and can only be booked up to 7 days in advance
  2. Each Rec team is permitted (1) one-hour practice per week (week is Sunday - Saturday; a Rec team can have a two-hour practice if they partner up with another Rec team or plan a scrimmage with another Rec team)
  3. Each Travel team is permitted (1) two-hour practice per week (week is Sunday - Saturday)
  4. Travel teams may be permitted, with approval, a 2nd two-hour slot that can be booked in advance for a scrimmage only.  These can be booked more than 7 days in advance by emailing Frank Juliano.  For a scrimmage being booked within 7 days, please book the time as a practice on the scheduler and then email Frank Juliano for approval.
  5. All practices must be held at the appropriate field(s) that the division is allowed to practice on (more on this below)
  6. Please avoid practicing on a field that later in the day has a game scheduled on it if at all possible
  7. The "24 Hour Rule" can be used to have an extra practice during a week -- if an open time slot on any field falls within 24 hours of current time then you may book it regardless of whether you already had a practice scheduled the same week (if you do not have permission to reserve it then contact one of the people listed above and they can reserve it for you)


  • Only use the fields when we are permitted to use them (this information posted below and on the scheduler page for each field)
  • Everyone must have the permits for Thompson Park -- the Park Rangers can and will ask teams to leave the field if they do not have a copy of a permit in their possesion; the MTBA will provide all managers copies of permits for all Thompson Park fields if and when they are released to us by Middlesex County
  • Certain divisions can only use certain fields for practices as defined below (unless using '24 hour rule' as noted above)
  • For convenience we will still allow managers that manage two or more Rec or Travel teams to have their teams practice back-to-back at any field, but please leave JMP Fields #1 & #2 for our 50/70 teams when there are other options available to you
  • Please be sure to adhere to the below guidelines for the JMP fields since only JMP #1 & #2 can be converted to a 50/70 layout (thus need to provide those teams as much availability as possible)


Tee Ball Division
JMP Field 3, 4, & 5; Thompson Park Fields 1 & 3; Woodland School

* if JMP Field 5 is open please schedule that before using Fields 3 or 4

Rookie Division
JMP Field 3, 4, & 5; Thompson Park Fields 1 & 3; Woodland School

* if JMP Field 5 is open please schedule that before using Fields 3 or 4

AAA Division, 7U and 8U Travel teams
JMP Fields 3, 4, & 5 (
5 only for AAA rec, not travel); Thompson Park Fields 1 & 3; Woodland School

Minors Division, 9U and 10U Travel Teams
JMP Fields 1, 2, 3, & 4*; Thompson Park Fields 1 & 3; Woodland School

* please schedule Fields 3 & 4 first when they are available, leaving Fields 1 & 2 available for the 50/70 teams

Majors 12 Division and 11U & 12U Travel Teams (50/70)
JMP Fields 1, 2, 3, & 4 (if JMP Fields 1 & 2 are full with other 50/70 teams, these teams can practice on JMP fields 3 & 4, but they cannot convert the fields to 50/70); Thompson Park Fields 1 & 2

Pony Division and 13U & 14UTravel Teams
Thompson Park Fields 2 & 4; Oak Tree School (60/90)

FIELD AVAILABILITY (once notified by MTBA for the Spring 2022 season)

JMP (All 5 Fields):  everyday until 10pm
Woodland School:  N/A
Thompson Park #1:  N/A
Thompson Park #2:  N/A
Thompson Park #3:  N/A
Thompson Park #4 (by Jamesburg PD):  N/A
Oak Tree School (60/90)*:  Monday thru Friday, 6pm - 10pm; Saturday & Sunday, 9am - dusk
   [IMPORTANT: if you schedule a practice for Oak Tree that will require use of the lights you must immediately notify Jason Rutan via email (jasonrutan@aol.com) so he can ensure the lights will get turned on/off]
   *if a school team has a game or practice in progress then MTBA teams must wait until they are completed regardless of reserved times